Friday, 2 May 2014

Oriane Le Cheminant - Life of Riley

Oriane Le Cheminant -
Selection 2014
With the FAB Fridge exhibition looming on the horizon we're taking the opportunity to get to know some of our artists.  Here fellow creative, Paul Jerram, tells what he thinks about...........

Oriane Le Cheminant

Of the many exhibitors that feature in the Fringe Arts Bath magnetic artworks exhibition, of which there are numerous. The challenge for the reviewer is to select from a plethora of ideas and possibilities that encompass a great many things. I decided to focus my attention on the work of Oriane Le Cheminant. This is an artist of whom I know nothing, however I considered the strength and order that was applied to all three images noteworthy. The refined weave of intricate shapes extending to become bold natural forms are light and refreshing, which is reminiscent of Riley. Through this unity there is also a sneaky peak as to where the work could go and I find that very exciting. 
Paul Jerram, May 2014 

Oriane Le Cheminant -
Cumulus 2014
Oriane Le Cheminant explains what inspires her, "A major theme running through my work is the exploration of formal variation - the rhythms of visual similarity, emphasizing subtleties, and revealing difference. Inspiration often comes from the natural world, placing objects within the context of biological science. I am also influenced by wordplay and visual associations and lean towards trying to create a bit of order out of the chaos of existence."

Oriane Le Cheminant -
Plant II 2014
We'll be displaying Oriane and Paul's artwork in magnet form on the streets of Bath as part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival. Come and join us on the 24th May from 11.30am (Bath Spa Rail Station) onwards when we'll be placing the magnets on metallic surfaces throughout the city. The magnets are free to pick up and take home so it's the perfect opportunity to start a collection on your fridge.
If you can't be there in person then follow us on twitter at @collectconnect4 and #fab14     

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