Fab Fridge

FAB Fridge 2010
Ed Mortimer
In 2010 we held our first street art exhibition as a collective at Fringe Arts Bath. It was the natural progression after a successful fridge art exhibition at Gallery 89, Barnet earlier that year. Originally the format was devised for artists recovering from (and working with) mental health problems but was soon adopted by artists worldwide. Even today after 30 exhibitions, 4000 artworks exhibited and over 1000 artist featured we stay true to our 'inclusive' philosophy.

2010 Fab Fridge Exhibition was great fun with 200+ magnets exhibited on the streets of Bath from 93 artists.

To view what we've done and where we've been in the meantime see the CollectConnect history page.

SMartwalks Bath 2012
In 2012 we contributed to the Fringe Arts Bath festival once again as part of the rambling art collective SMartwalks, who take content from twitter and place it on the streets. With a mischievous glint they stretch the boundaries of exhibiting in the public realm and explore the limits of privacy in a digital age.

In 2014 Fab Fridge comes back to Bath with a 500+ magnet exhibition with the CollectConnect group of Bryan Benge, Dean Reddick, Stuart Simler and Alban Low.
CollectConnect website.

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