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Submissions are CLOSED! Sorry

We will be exhibiting your work on the streets of Bath as a 5cm x 6.7cm magnetic artwork.
It is an Open theme and FREE to enter.

If you would like to submit work to Fab Fridge 2014 follow these simple instructions

Where do I send my images?
Send up to 3 Jpegs/photos of your work to
before Friday 25th April 2014 (Midnight).
The images need to be in a 4:3 ratio (so any variation of 8cm x 6cm, 12cm x 9cm etc).
Include your name, title of the image/work, your website address and Twitter name if you have them.

How many will be printed?
We will print one magnet measuring 5cm by 6.7cm this will be exhibited on the streets of Bath.
Your name will appear beside your image on the magnet with the exhibition website address.
Once all the submissions have been received we will print another copy for you.
If you would like your copy then the magnet is free but you will need to pay £1 (UK) or £1.50 (Worldwide) postage and packing.
We will contact you later with how to do pay via paypal.
Will my work be selected?
This is an CollectConnect exhibition that aims to include at least one work by each artist.
We have an inclusive policy- read below.
We have funding for 500 magnets and will include artists on a first come, first served basis. We would love you to be involved, please give it a go!

See you in Bath!
Our Ideals
We want to represent ourselves and other artists sympathetically and honestly.
Below are our promises to you.

Artists can enter CollectConect exhibitions for Free.

The Public can pick up the artwork for Free.

We operate an open selection policy, so artists are free from rejection. It is your responsibility to choose what work is appropriate. *

We have a 'First come-First served' policy. Sometimes this means we close before the deadline.

Our artists range through all ages, colours, backgrounds, and all skill levels are welcome.

If at all possible we will exhibit in a public area that is truly open to everyone and accessible. (without doors).

Despite the broad criteria we hope that you'll take this opportunity to express yourself within the Themes and occupy the public realm with your artistic voice.

* we reserve the right to refuse any work that is offensive or inappropriate in the public domain. We have never had to do this and often find a solution that's tailored to the situation.

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